Aw Shucks Farm: The Perfect Fall Day

2023 Update: Big changes are coming to Aw Shucks Farms. Starting this year, it's changing to "The 13th Acre Haunted Attraction." This means no more pumpkins, animals, or family corn mazes.

Instead, the farm is turning into a big haunted area with three different scary spots spread over 15 acres. They're kicking things off on Friday, September 22nd. So, if you're looking for family daytime visits, they won't be happening anymore, but if you're up for some nighttime scares, this is the place to be.

Everything you need to know about "The 13th Acre Haunted Attraction"

During autumn, North Carolina offers a variety of enjoyable activities that appeal to both locals and tourists. These activities include admiring the beautiful golden leaves, pumpkin picking, and breathing in the refreshing crisp air. Located in the heart of Monroe is one such gem that has become an autumnal pilgrimage for many: Aw Shucks Farms.

Aw Shucks is famous for its beautiful scenery, farm activities, and classic fall attractions like the corn maze and pumpkin patch. Monroe's popularity increases each season, attracting visitors who want to enjoy its rustic charm and make special autumn memories.

Admission & Info

Aw Shucks Farms

Season Dates: September 23rd to November 6th.

Address: Located at 3718 Plyler Mill Rd., Monroe.

Operational Hours:

  • Friday: 6pm - 11pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 11pm
  • Sunday: 1pm - 6pm

Entrance Fees:

  • Children: $10
  • Adults: $12

Note: Additional charges apply for pumpkins and food purchases.

Main Attractions and Activities

Corn Mazes

Aw Shucks Farms Corn Maze
(From the Aw Schuks Facebook)

One of the star attractions of Aw Shucks Farms is undoubtedly their Corn Mazes. Each year, they introduce a fresh theme, making every visit unique.

Whether you're navigating by daylight or using a flashlight at night, this maze offers a fun-filled adventure for everyone. The family-friendly design ensures that most visitors find their exit in 25 to 30 minutes without feeling overwhelmed. For those searching for a memorable corn maze near Charlotte, Aw Shucks should top the list!

Pumpkin Patches

Aw Shucks Farms pumpkin patch

The Pumpkin Patches at Aw Shucks Farms are a fall enthusiast's dream. The Pumpkin Market is more than just choosing a pumpkin.

It also has gourds, Indian corn, and other local produce for autumn. It's an authentic experience that lets you take a piece of the season home. This is a great option for a pumpkin patch near charlotte NC.

Hayrides and Wagon Rides

Aw Shucks Farms hayride

Hayrides at Aw Shucks aren't just a typical ride; they're an immersive experience. As you explore the farm, you'll be amazed by its beautiful scenery, making it a great option for a memorable hayride.

Farm Animal Encounters

Aw Shucks Farms animals

For animal lovers, especially the young ones, the Farm Animal Encounters at Aw Shucks are a real treat. Here, you're not just observing; you're interacting. From feeding to learning interesting tidbits about each creature, it's an interactive experience that's both fun and educational.

Things To Eat

Aw Shucks Farms the soda shop

After finding your way out of the maze and looking at the animals, check out old old-fashioned Soda Shop. Enjoy a chocolate milkshake while sitting at the counter or cool off with a refreshing soda straight from the bottle. Right next to it, enjoy multiple options such as burgers, corndogs, fries, and many more Southern favorites. If you want dessert, try a funnel cake, a homemade ice cream sandwich, or get something from the "Apple Bin".

For The Grown-ups

Aw Shucks Farms general store

After the kids are done playing, visit the old-fashioned General Store for a nostalgic experience. Filled with candies, toys, and old-time gifts, it is a place to check out.

Swing by the Pumpkin Market as well which offers many local products. If you plan on going at night, be sure to reserve a bonfire spot to enjoy with your friends and family. Aw Shucks will provide you with everything needed: tables, s'mores materials, benches, and fire materials. Before you head home if you haven't already make sure to enjoy the hayride!

Add This To Your Fall Bucket List

Aw Shucks Farms pumpkins

Aw Shucks Farms is a family farm near Charlotte and Indian Trail. It is only 33 miles from Charlotte and 115 miles from Fayetteville, making it a convenient place to visit.

Check the farm's schedule before going to enjoy their fall events from September to November. Don't forget: there are special discounts available for our seniors and active military personnel. Make sure to take advantage of these offers when visiting.



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